Amitoos College ERP is a simple, easy to use School Administration system that helps schools to automate various critical operations like admissions, fee management, parent-teacher-student communication, managing student records, examination and results management. .

It is a web-based school management software suite that automates and integrates all your school operations and processes.

The program guarantees saving of money and time for owners apart from organizing the institute information. You can streamline the coaching institute business.

Key Features Of Amitoos College ERP:-

1). Registration & Admission Management
  • Managing New admission enquiry, registration etc
  • Managing entrance examination and admission process etc.
  • Inquiry Follow-up Reports.
2). Student Information System
  • Unique Student id to every new admitted or existing student
  • Student Login if required for study Material , exams , attendance & assignment etc.
  • Admission details covered domicile, provisional, confirmed,seat type, quota, form No. and admission date etc.
  • Student details : full name, enrolment no. And Nick name etc.
  • Photograph can be stored.
  • Facility to scan and store Documents such as Id proof, Address Proof etc.
  • Store Previous academic record.
  • Student Address details such permanent, correspondence, guardian, local guardian details etc.
  • Student information (Name, address, personal, phone etc.)
  • All Student Internship report, Scholarship report
  • Generate common MIS reports like student personal report, defaulter list etc
3). Examination & Evaluation System
  • Take care of any type of examination pattern like IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE, UP Board.
  • Organizing examination online.
  • Prepare performance analysis and report cards etc.
  • view and edit students grades/marks and produce report cards, honor rolls, and customized with the logo and/or watermarks of your school.
  • Graphical & numerical presentation of result analysis and printouts etc.
  • Exam Result status can be defined such as passed, failed ETC & send sms to every exam result.
  • If you do not want online exam pattern then you can go through offline exam & upload excel sheet as per subject of all student.
  • Managing the all report cards & analysis report for offline exams as above mention for online exams.
  • Inform Parents via sms , Email and also to their Parents Account .
4). Time table Generation System
  • Generate class timetables.
  • Create virtually any type of time table schedule, weakly timetable to daily substation timetables, teacher’s timetable.
  • Timetable based on students’ course requests and teacher availability, either automatically or interactively.
  • Parallel allocation for optional subjects/ classes, substitution, preference, etc.
  • You can prints a wide range of timetable related reports.
5). Library Management System
  • Entry of Existing Book
  • Unique Id to every book
  • Accept requisition slips.
  • Print purchase order for suppliers for new books.
  • Subscription expiry and renewal reminders for periodicals.
  • Quick search by title, subject, author, keywords, publisher or year of publication.
  • Issue-return function Supported by Bar Code if Required
  • Maintain updated General Catalogue.
  • Generate subject-wise/ author-wise lists.
  • Generate year wise Acquisition list / written off material list.
  • Automatic record of fine imposed / dues receivable from members against late return of books and periodicals.
  • Quick search FOR STUDENTS by Title, Author, Publisher, Book Editor, Edition Year, Subject
  • Quick search FOR LIBRARIAN by Unique No., Title, Author, Publisher, Place, Book Editor, Editor Year, Pages, Copies, Volume No., Sources, Rate, Class No. Subject, Invoice, Remarks.
  • Record of books / periodicals sent for binding
  • Maintain Donated book list.
  • Date wise issue and receipt (Incoming & Outgoing) reports.
6). Fee Management System
  • This module is for student’s fee billing, providing school/colleges with powerful feature for both private and public institutions.
  • Designed for ease-of-use and flexibility, the fee module will save your staff an enormous amount of time in invoicing, data entry and financial record keeping.
  • Academic fee receivable generation at the time of admission.
  • Keeps track of student’s attendance in class. Generates defaulter list as per predefined parameters.
  • Accepts fees and generates fee receipts by Maintaining individual fee ledger.Displays up- to- date fee reports etc.
  • Generate common MIS reports like daily fees received, outstanding amount, defaulter list etc
7). HR Management & Payroll
  • Unique Id to every employee with Unique Username and Password for Login facility provided in Software.
  • Attendance entry & Leave Management.
  • Grade wise, designation wise allocation
  • Working types such as permanent, temporary and part time etc.
  • Personal Information of all employees.
  • Facility to scan and store Compulsory Documents such as Address Proof, Id proof etc.
  • Office information covers dept, Job profile, grade, etc.
  • Photograph of the employee
  • Complete Qualifications details.
  • Previous exp in other and this organisation.
  • Multiple address details such as permanent, correspondence
  • Processes salary of employees based on configurable components. Employees can view salary slip. Customizable deductions such as PF/IT/ PT.
  • Generates reports like Form 16 for IT deductions, statements for PF deductions. Generates monthly salary statement as per predefined format.

8). Financial Accounting
  • Deals with the complexities of found accounting and financial reporting, has everything an institution needs to operate efficiently, including sophisticated financial reporting.
  • General accounting reports - Ledgers, Cash book, Bank book, Purchase register, Sales register etc. Integrated with fees and admission modules.
  • Modules include Company ledger & General ledger, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Bank reconciliation, Budget, Income & Expenditure A/C, day book, Bank/Cash payment, Cash receipt/Bank receipt, Journal voucher cum voucher printing.
  • Trail balance, Modification of voucher, Facility to combine departments, Balance sheet & all general accounting features.
9). Bus Route & Transport management
  • Add details of all Buses (Bus No., Driver Name, Conductor Name etc)
  • Create Bus Route and fees accordingly
  • Transferring of bus routes/interchanging the routes.
  • Manage bus fees from students accordingly
  • Auto fee calculation depends upon the distance and also flat facility available.
  • Maintaining the log book and other history of transport including the hired ones.
10). Attendance & Leave Management
  • Attendance management of students & staff is available through smart card or biometric system or daily excel upload sheet.
  • Daily, Monthly Attendance Report.
  • Inegration of SMS to Parents for any Student Attendance Status.
11). Hostel Management
  • Facility for College / Hostel admin to create Rooms and their Charges
  • Manage Building Information Such as Hostel Name and type girls, boys and staff,Hostel location,Number of floors and rooms etc.
  • Manage Room Information such as Room Strength, Room assets and details ,Room facilities etc.
  • Manage Student related Information such as Student Details, Room allocation/availability, Room shifting, Student In & Out Attendance, Mess Bill collection & hostel bills master, Maintenance charges & repair, Daily expenses of hostel etc.
  • Add details of visitors with their vehicle number, purpose of visit, person to visit, in & out time etc.
  • Quick Reports for Room Availibily & visitor Record.
11). Store Management
  • Takes care of indent, purchase, Stock maintenance, Transactions, Stock transfer, Billing for all stock transactions.
  • Depreciation calculations
  • Maintains item-wise vendor lists.
  • Generates purchase order to be sent to the vendors.
  • Quick Report like Goods Return Reports, Issue Report, Loss Report, Stock Report etc.
  • Manage Student related Information such as Student Details, Room allocation/availability, Room shifting, Student In & Out Attendance, Mess Bill collection & hostel bills master, Maintenance charges & repair, Daily expenses of hostel etc.
  • Add details of visitors with their vehicle number, purpose of visit, person to visit, in & out time etc.
  • Quick Reports for Room Availibily & visitor Record.
12). Training & Placement
  • Manage records for Companies for Campus Placement.
  • Facility to enter the details of the Companies for Campus Placement .
  • Filter Student in the selection criteria’s
  • Manage details of the Selected Students such as Company, Designation, Payments scale etc.
13). Parent Information System
  • Parent Login.
  • Parent can view all student & fee related reports
  • Parent get SMS & Email on each student related activity .
14). Alumni Management
  • Alumani infomation updation.
15). Reports
  • All types of MIS reports.
  • Customized reports can be added as per requirement.